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Miami Real Estate Investing in Foreclosed Properties, REO’s

Miami Real Estate Investing in Foreclosed Properties, REO’s

This article is about Investing in Miami’s dynamic real estate foreclosure market.



What was the scene for Miami Investors before the 2000’s?

Around the late 1990s, Miami’s neighborhoods were inhabited mostly by retirees and tourists. It was spotted with lots of motels, several of them titled after Las Vegas properties such as the Dunes, the Sands, and the Desert Inn – amongst others.



Everything changed around 1997, when building, planning and zoning resolutions were taken away from the Miami-Dade County Commission and placed in the hands of the Sunny Isles City Commission, whose current fellows comprise of real estate executive, a property legal representative and a former P.R. executive. With this, the next occurrence was the most remarkable neighborhood conversion seen in Miami since cocaine cash reconstructed the city’s downtown area starting in the late 1970s.
There were certain crashes at certain periods, as notably – Miami properties prices fell by 37 percent between late 2005 and same period in 2009 leaving the real estate prospects unattractive.

What’s now?

Miami real estate investing highly benefits individuals seeking inexpensive assets to flip for higher returns. Foreclosures run extensive in Miami, and serves as a valuable source of transactions for investors of every level. Recent report reveals that Miami property market has around 31, 000 properties in some state of foreclosure. The bulk of these properties can really benefit Miami property investors. With consideration to the rate at which investors can purchase, there is an opportunity for rapid growth and expansion in Miami. The average normal property home in Miami sells for about $280, 000 while those in distressed state sell for about 29 percent less, or closer to around $150,000.


Miami Lakes Rehab

Miami Lakes foreclosure property receiving a rehab.


A lot of folks continue to show huge interest in Miami Real Estate Foreclosed Properties and this is because of the potentials it provides investors in terms of capital gains amongst others. It is this interest both by local and overseas buyers that continues to create good prospects for buyers and sellers at every phase of the Miami property business.

The Miami housing market and foreclosed property investment has become highly prominent in the United States and has become much of an export economy, since overseas investors continue to invest in the zone. This recent trend is largely owed to the massive in-flow of foreign cash. Overseas investors buy real estate, not for the purpose of living in it but much rather as an investment.

In the state, over ninety percent of all the current day downtown construction is due to the high demand from overseas investors. These overseas investors are much attracted in “high-end” real estate and are paying real cash for deals. This is evidenced in Miami’s current inclination towards luxury properties.
While other states in the United States are prosperous in their unique ways, that of Miami fascinates overseas investors like no other city does.
Despite the price upsurge in several quarters, demand from investors still remains strong and thus keeps the Miami’s property market balanced. The present day average property price in the Miami property market is around $280,000 while a foreclosed property goes for around $70,000 lesser.


What’s the forecast?


The high appreciation prospects and rates have made Miami’s real estate market incredibly expensive. Forecast for the Miami real estate property market is on the positive as it continues to rely heavily on overseas buyers. The Miami real estate stage is assumed by several overseas investors as a safe haven for money reserves. They see it as way to invest and escape economic tumult from their home country. For records – Miami is a top 6 target for the world’s wealthiest folks.

While price appreciation in this zone has tempered, it is still one of the hottest markets in the nation. Miami real estate and foreclosure investing will continue to see a huge inflow of overseas money, which of course will make for an active industry.

How can I get involved in Miami Foreclosure Real Estate Investing?

By signing up to our buyers list you can get into the action today!

There are 5 different types of investing you can do in Miami right now.

  1. Wholesale – You can buy properties and sell them to someone else for a quick flip. The key in wholesaling is to leave in enough space for the next guy to make his money rehabbing/ renvating or renting the property.
  2. Rehab/ Renovate – You can buy a property, fix, and sell it off at market price. There are certain set of risks involved but if you purchase the property right and can keep within your budget, you should be fine. You should look out for your “money cost” or how much it’ll cost you to “rent” out the money for the purchase. Many times, the “flip” shows on HGTV will show a gross profit and not revealing the true net profit of a flip. The finance cost associated with a renovation project will sometimes kill the opportunity.  If you’re good at renovating properties, sign up to our buyer’s list below. Our properties always have space for you to make money.
  3. Long term Rental Investor – These investors are ok with having tenants. These investors prefer getting their money long term over short term. Many foreign investors love this because it keeps their money safe. We can get you properties with 10% CAP or more! 
  4. Speculator – the biggest risk runs with speculation. But as they say, with big risks comes big rewards. We’ve seen our investors make a ton of profits speculating. As a company we are conservative. We do not speculate. That’s why we are able to sell properties to speculative investors that turn it for a profit. We’ve been through the economic collapse of 2007 and are well grounded financially and as a company.
  5. Finance/ Money/ Lender Investor – This guys is the man/woman! This is who you want to be. This is the investor that lends out money and never once lifts a hammer! The benefits here are many:
  • You don’t have to work under the sun and sweat
  • You don’t have to search out in the street for potential properties to buy
  • You get paid at the beginning and at the end of deals
  • Being a lender allows you the flexibility to earn MUCH more than market rates
  • Deals come to you instead of the other way around


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