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“Oh my God! That approval… oh my God. It was so much! I had already left the house, I had already moved on but the strings of the house were still attached to me and
when Antonio called me, oh my God, it was awesome! He ended up getting me way more money ($10,000) than I had been previously quoted at receiving and it was, aaahh, I just can’t put into words! It was needed!”
– Julia (Miami Gardens, FL)

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“I was lucky! They explained all the things and circumstances regarding foreclosure that I didn’t know that people hide and don’t tell you and there’s a lot of information out there,
and you need to find somebody that will deliver it and will be on your side and will help you in every step of the way and I was lucky enough to find them and they explained everything in perfect detail and thanks to them I’m able to go on.”
– Maria (Miami Lakes, FL)
Part 1
“We had that lawyer for almost 11 years, paying him the money. The lawyer never never did anything for us to be able to save the house. They told me I had three months to get out of here!
But as God is so great and so good, he sent me a person by the name
Fernanda & Antonio López… they they helped put my house in short sale.
Thank god everything went well! I am very grateful to them!
I recommend them 100% Anyone with a problem should call them!”
– Ailsa (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Ailsa Testimonial Part 2
“I needed to do a short sale. I came across Antonio’s website and I decided to give him a try. We decided to go forward with it and I think thats the best thing I did…. I did my research and because of the testimonies, I said okay let me go ahead and give him a try. I got more money than I thought possible.”
– Carol (Miami Gardens, FL)
“We are fabulous, we are great now! No more tears,ever since we’ve got you guys, no more tears, no more wondering, what if and how long have we got, and what’s gonna happen next and nobody talked [to us], and you guys have helped us immensely!
It’s a process we weren’t sure of. We were in foreclosure, we were getting the runaround and if I had one thing it’s to say thank you!
And if anybody else… don’t do the sleepless nights, don’t do the crying, been there done that did a lot of it!
Call Antonio, they are honest people. They will help you and you don’t have to
worry. They will let you know what’s gonna happen, step by step, and we thank both of you from the bottom of our hearts!”
– Beatrice and Gerald (Coral SPrings, FL)

Antonio Lopez

Antonio has been a member of the Miami Lakes community since 1992.
He has been involved in Real Estate from a young age..[More]

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